Get Help Now

There’s a life-threatening crisis happening right now.

Call 911. If there’s a weapon present, they will (legally have to) send police. Ask for a CIT-trained police officer (Crisis Intervention Team, who have extra training to handle mental health crises and are often more motivated to help with mental health problems than other officers). You can also ask for a mental health team; in some jurisdictions mental health professionals respond alongside police; these teams have different names in different places; they could be called psychiatric emergency teams (PET) or mobile crisis response teams (MCRT), or something else.

Someone I love is experiencing mania

Mania guide

I’m considering suicide

Read this first.

Someone I love is considering suicide

Order the Suicide Prevention Pocket Guidebook. It was written by Joy Hibbins, founder of the Suicide Crisis Centre UK, and one of our favourite organisations because of their effective, compassionate culture and program design. Joy is a suicide attempt survivor and the centre has not lost a client to suicide in their 9 years of operation.