The Lived Expertise Project

In-depth research interviews with people who have experienced psychiatric crises and are now thriving, to uncover their expertise and use it to define our organizational goals, design interventions and teach others how to respond to their own crises.

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Crisis support web app

When you or a loved one are in crisis, you can call a hotline for emotional support or 911 for professionals to respond to you, but there’s precious little in the way of practical support to navigate the situation, particularly as it unfolds over multiple days.

We are developing a web app that can instantly help you support a loved one through a psychiatric crisis. It will help you understand what is happening, understand your options, and make the best decisions you can about how to respond. The first version of this app will focus on helping you support someone who is experiencing a manic episode.

If you would like to be an alpha tester and walk through the app to give us feedback, sign up here. All levels of experience welcome!